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Fx Assistive Software

Manufacturer:Fx Software Home Page: Set of Assistive Software Applications T-Bar T-Bar is a coloured bar which you can either drag around the screen or lock to your mouse. It can have ruled lines or not, depending on your preference. The colour can be chosen from pre-defined options, then tweaked by altering the red, green […]


  Developer: Soffed Education Category: Mouse Pointers – Text to Speech – Contrast/Color Adjustment – Screen Magnifiers Disability: Low Vision – Dyslexia Description: MyStudyBar is a tool which helps overcome problems that students commonly experience with studying, reading and writing. The tool consists of a set of portable open source and freeware applications, assembled into […] Web Magnifier

Developer: Perfect Market Technologies, Inc Category: Screen Magnifiers Disability: Low Vision Description: The Web Magnifier is a free browser toolbar for Internet Explorer 6.0 that magnifies virtually any Web page. This magnifying utility was designed for people with low vision to make viewing easy even without eyeglasses. Unlike some products, links remain fully active […]

Pointing Magnifier

Alex Jansen Leah Findlater Jacob O. Wobbrock [contact] University of Washington     Περιγραφή: Το Pointing Magnifier είναι μια εφαρμογή μεγέθυνσης που λειτουργεί σε δύο στάδια. Στο πρώτο στάδιο ο χρήστης ελέγχει μία κυκλική έκταση γύρω από τον δείκτη του ποντικιού. Για εκτέλεσης μιας εντολής με τον στόχο ο χρήστης τοποθετεί τον δείκτη στην περιοχή […]

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