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Disability Low Vision

ClearType Tuner PowerToy (Microsoft)

Manufacturer: Microsoft Category: Colors/Contrast Disability: Low Vision Version: Freeware Platform: Windows Download link1 (Cnet): Download Link2 (Softpedia): Description: Windows 7 users should take advantage of the built-in ClearType tuner found in the Windows Control Panel under Appearance and Personalization to tune their ClearType settings. Windows XP and Vista users can use the online […]

Big-Cursors (rabe’s)

Version: Freeware Manufacturer: Ralph Beckmann Category: Mouse  Cursors Disability: Low Vision, Motor/Dexterity Download: Installation of rabe’s Big-Cursors: After extracting the archive BIG-CURSORS.ZIP (e.g. with WinZIP) into the path \WINDOWS\CURSORS\ you may change the current cursors at Start -> Properties -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer with double-click onto each cursor type within the […]

Braille Music Reader (Lambda + BME2)

  Manufacturer:Veia progetti s.r.l Home Page: Description: Lambda (Linear Access to Mathematics for Braille Device and Audio-synthesis) is a system for writing mathematics on a computer designed expressly for use with a Braille display and vocal synthesis. It was developed during a 3-year European project with the participation of 15 partners from 8 different […]

Fx Assistive Software

Manufacturer:Fx Software Home Page: Set of Assistive Software Applications T-Bar T-Bar is a coloured bar which you can either drag around the screen or lock to your mouse. It can have ruled lines or not, depending on your preference. The colour can be chosen from pre-defined options, then tweaked by altering the red, green […]

Big Clock Pro

Description: An analogue big clock for your desktop This utility displays a big analogue clock on your desktop, and you can adjust its position and if it stays in front of the other windows. Six skins are available in this version: blue, green, black and three extra. It features two programmable alarms and hourly beeps. […]


Developer: NV Access Category: Screen Readers Disability: Blindness – Low Vision Description: NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to […]

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