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Lumisonic is a sound application that visualises sound in real-time in a way that allows hearing-impaired individuals to interact with a specifically designed, graphical representation of sound.
Inspired by experimental film tradition and neuroscientific research, Lumisonic aims to help those with hearing difficulties have a better understanding of sound..The software translates sound waves into circles that radiate on a display – creating a real time representation of sound and is designed to elicit responses quickly in the human brain.
There are currently two versions of Lumisonic. The Desktop version can respond to computer-generated noises or those from a microphone and even allow the user to manipulate these sounds live – which means it can be used like a musical instrument. The iPhone version allows users to see sound anywhere, by using the phone’s built in microphone to visualise sound.

Version: Desktop & Portable

Developer: Sound and Music

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Category: Multimedia

Disability: Hearing

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