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Tazti Speech Recognition Software

Description :

From Voice Tech Group: Tazti (pronounced “tasty”)Speech Command Keybinding to Hotkeys Automation Software with Voice Mouse Clicker: 1. Control PC applications and programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator and many others via speech command. You can keybind your speech commands to a keystroke or groups of keystrokes on your keyboard. This is very helpful especially when you need to hold down many keys at the same time. All you need to do is create a profile for the application. Then populate your new application profile with speech commands you create. Then easily associate(keybind) the new speech commands to a keyboard keystroke or series of keystrokes you would make. Tazti is the latest in automation software. 2. Play PC games by speaking instead of using your keyboard. Operating similar to #1 above all you need to do is create a profile for a PC game. Then populate your new game profile with speech commands. Each speech command can be associated(keybind) to a keystroke or series of keystrokes. Then you run your game and tazti at the same time. Open the profile in tazti and your speech commands work in the game.Tazti is an excellent game utility. Download game profiles shared to the tazti server. Upload favorite profiles. 3.Create up to 300 additional custom speech commands of your own choice and associate each to one of… a web page, file, folder, video, song, batch file, program or a program with command line parameters. Then speak the speech command and the associated web page, file, folder, video, song, batch file, program or program with command line parameters will open/run. 4. Voice Mouse Clicker: Incorporated in this software are the speech commands “mouse click” and “mouse double click”. When tazti is running move your mouse cursor where you want it to click then speak either of the speech commands and the action is performed. Additional “PC control” speech commands are also included such as “context menu”, “copy”, “cut”, “paste”, “media player”, “go windows explorer”.

What’s new in this version:

Version 3.2:

  • Improved voice controlled mouse clicker
  • Now 64 bit for Windows 7 and Windows 8 – 8.1
  • Improved keybind to speech command feature
  • Increased number of custom speech commands a user can create to 300
  • Improved PC program and application control via voice recognition

View Playing PC Video Games by talking to your PC

Download external: download.cnet

Download from tazti:

Developer: Voice Tech Group, Inc.


Disability: Motor/Dexterity

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