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Braille Music Reader (Lambda + BME2)


Manufacturer:Veia progetti s.r.l

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Lambda (Linear Access to Mathematics for Braille Device and Audio-synthesis) is a system for writing mathematics on a computer designed expressly for use with a Braille display and vocal synthesis. It was developed during a 3-year European project with the participation of 15 partners from 8 different countries. It was based on a system of linear writing: the mathematical formulas were written textually with a one-dimensional regular sequence of characters.


  • At the end of the trial period, you will need to register the program. Use the relevant request form to purchase the license.

Notes for graphical visualization

Lambda’s graphical visualization is either integrated into an Internet Explorer window or externally, into the browser. To use the rendering (visualization) you will need to install a plug-in, freely downloadable from the following link: MathPlayer


BME2, Braille Music Editor 2, is a new and extraordinary tool allowing blind musicians (amateurs or professionals) to write music scores, to check, to correct, to print or to emboss them all by themselves. Music writing follows the rules of the New International Manual of Braille Music Notation. The music score can be checked in various ways, through the screen-reader speech output pronouncing musical elements, through the MIDI sound or on the Braille display. Once the score is complete, it can be exported in MusicXML and visualised with Finale, Sibelius or lots of other programs, that are able to support this format and finally it can be exported in a ready-to-print text format or directly printed. BME2 is the evolution of the BME program, thanks to suggestions of expert users or people keen on music.


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