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Big-Cursors (rabe’s)

BigCursr BigQuest BigSandC BigWatch BigCross BigTextC BigPen BigNoWay BigVerti BigHoriz BigDiag1 BigDiag2 BigPlace BigAlter BigHand

Version: Freeware

Manufacturer: Ralph Beckmann

Category: Mouse  Cursors

Disability: Low Vision, Motor/Dexterity


Installation of rabe’s Big-Cursors:

After extracting the archive BIG-CURSORS.ZIP (e.g. with WinZIP) into the path \WINDOWS\CURSORS\ you may change the current cursors at
Start -> Properties
-> Control Panel
-> Mouse
-> Pointer
with double-click onto each cursor type within the list of all cursors.

(Unfortunately the Cursor BIGHAND.ANI can’t be set under Windows 95 and Windows NT.)

This very library of animated cursors is specifically designed for people with impaired sight.


  • All cursors use the maximum of the possible 32×32 pixels.
  • All cursors contain a background-inverting outline, so there is always a good visibility no matter of black, white or colored background.
  • The color palette of the cursors has been reduced to the 16 system colors to be sure of correct appearance in every graphic mode.
  • The animation of the cursors has been designed considering not to get a nervous color-flattering but always being able to find them easily on the screen.
    To reach this certain aim, the cursors just ‘flash’ once after every short moment of stillness.
    On these occasions the contour of the specific cursor is painted ‘blown up’, whereas the filled area runs through the colour palette from black to white and then backwards to black again.
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