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Math Talk

Electronic math worksheet software enables students to organize and work through problems on a computer screen. Numbers that appear onscreen can be read aloud by a speech synthesizer.

Talking calculators have a built-in speech synthesizer that reads aloud each number, symbol, or operation key a student presses, as well as the answer. The aural feedback lets a student with ADHD know whether he pressed the right keys and verifies the answer before he transfers it to paper.

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Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. is the leader in speech recognition mathematics. Do math without keyboard or mouse!

  • Math work– user can voice math work, email, print work and save as .rtf which can be opened in Word
  • No need for parents/scribe to write math
  • Voice pre-algebra /algebra /trig /calculus /statistics/ graphing & more
  • MathTalk includes Scientific Notebook; user can choose to translate math to
  • Braille in Duxbury Braille Translator


*Requires Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, 13, DPI 14/15–any version.


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