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Tinyspell is a nice handy tool for anyone who often has to write school projects, essays, papers or for those who usually send emails to their boss or employees.
Tinyspell is a great spelling corrector, and will assist you when writing, but it is much more than that.

Once you’ve followed the setup steps and installed it on your computer, you can launch it and a small Tinyspell tray icon will appear. This is all you need to do; the program will be automatically activated whenever you are using a text editing software, such as MS Word, or if you are writing an email. You don’t have to worry to set any preferences or synchronize it with text editing programs: if you are writing, Tinyspell will know. You can choose to disable Tinyspell when using certain programs, or set the preferences to use it exclusively with just one program.

Tinyspell has been designed to be helpful and easy to use but not annoying, whilst still being present at all times. When you have a spelling mistake, the right variant will pop up in a small box above the original word and with a different color. If you click on it you will see a large list including all the possible words you’ve probably tried to write. Every time you make a mistake, a beep will sound to let you know there’s something wrong with what you’ve just written. If you have lots of mistakes and the beep gets annoying, you can simply disable it.

The program has, nevertheless, some issues when correcting. If you write any given word (i.e. “main”), and after a while or just a few seconds later you want to add a suffix or a prefix (i.e. “ly”), then the program will only take into account the suffix, and consider it to be a misspelled word not taking into account the first part of the word you’ve written earlier.

Still, as a spell checker and corrector, Tinyspell is a good choice, and there are a few bonuses. First of all, the program is completely free, it is not a free trial or anything of that kind, and it has a nice variety of modifiable settings, helping you customize and personalize the program.

There is also a purchase-based, plus version of the program, which is available at the developer’s site.

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