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You have never experienced a task manager like this!

➤ The gesture-based interface is completely free of clutter.
➤ Fully customizable task list: label, time, icon and color.
➤ iCloud sync, multiple lists and virtually unlimited number of tasks.
➤ Options let you control how you are notified.

Simple. Attractive. Useful.

Is it a timer? Yes. Is it a to-do list? Yes. Can you save lists and does it sync across your iOS devices? Yes and yes.

30/30 is a great little app, with an appealing gesture-based interface. During a task, a circular visual timer is displayed at the top of the screen. 30/30 will tell you what time it will be at the end of each task as well as when you complete the list. 30/30 is great if you have a routine task list, and you’re not sure if you have time to squeeze it all in. Just pull your saved list and let the app do the heavy lifting, as in time calculation, for you. [source : additudemag]

(; iOS; free)

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