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This well-created app, in both function and design, helps free up your ADHD brain when it gets knotted. We’ve all been there. Unstuck uses cognitive behavioral therapy principles and has an engaging interface. You start by selecting and rating cards that best describe your feelings (for example, you are indecisive, lost, overwhelmed, unmotivated, etc.), then you sort feelings (for example, “I don’t know why this isn’t working”) into two piles: “So me” and “Not me.” Then choose from a list of behaviors, add some additional information about exactly how you are stuck, and it will give you tips to free you up. [source : additudemag]


Unstuck is an in-the-moment digital coach that’s ready every time we’re feeling stuck. The app helps us see and solve situations with fresh perspective through provocative questions, targeted tips, and action-oriented tools. It’s an approach that works for all kinds of issues, large and small, so we can live better every day.

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