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beKEY – On-Screen Keyboard

On-Screen Keyboard   

A complete replacement for an ordinary keyboard,
for all persons who don’t use or are not able to use a standard keyboard.


intelligent word prediction, already trained using more than 1000 letters, emails and speeches
..and it keeps learning as you type
our word prediction will not only offer suggestions to complete the word you’re currently typing,
but also for the complete next word!
Word prediction dictionaries in 23 languages available
many options to configure according to your needs:
Total size, size of key caps, distance between key caps, font size etc. can be easily adjusted
optimized to be used with one click only (no double clicks, no drag and drop)
supports click mode and dwell (“hover”) mode
“Skin” mode for customized looks with graphics (all versions)
Transparent display
Special keys for frequently used tasks (deluxe versions only)
Scanning modes for 1 or 2 switches (deluxe SCAN version only)

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