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Creativity & Problem-solving

MindManager supports the creative brainstorming process and assists with thinking and understanding. The visual and organised representation of ideas and information in a map also facilitates decision-making and problem-solving.

Unlimited creativity

Mind maps are like virtual whiteboards, without limitations. Additional ideas and information can be added to maps at any time, and the maps can be redrawn again and again, quickly and easily, in MindManager using Drag & Drop.

Brainstorming in the team

The dynamic creation and development of a visual mind map has a proven motivational effect on team work. The visual representation supports a deep understanding of the contents, facilitates transparent communication and therefore encourages people to work together and make their own creative contributions. Learn more about Meeting Management with MindManager.

Play with scenarios

Decision-making is facilitated by the simple option to play out different scenarios using Drag & Drop, to create new relationships or to perform new calculations, as well as by the clear visualisation of relationships and priorities or filtering according to different criteria.

Mind Mapping inspires innovation

Creativity and innovation are essential aspects of long-term company development. MindManager supports not only the creative planning stages but also project management in product development or process optimisation, for example.

MindManager is fun

The ease of use and hands-on features encourage involvement. All ideas and contributions from a team can be considered quickly and can continually evolve once the map has been created.

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