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Free Assistive Software for Disabled people.

Planner Pad

Planner Pad

Add an Extra Hour to Your Day.

We’ve developed a unique system that helps you organize, prioritize and schedule what matters most to you.


The first section replaces to-do lists and sticky notes. This is the “Project Warehouse” where you organize all business and personal activities into categories you choose.


The second section is your daily activity plan. Funnel down things that need attention during the week and are a priority from Categorize section. Assign specific days for action.


The third section is your daily appointment book. Schedule time to work on projects from Prioritize section and get things done. Schedule people to see, meetings to attend and personal activities.

Your Success is Our Priority.

We pride ourselves in helping you get the most out of life. Our exclusive 3-tier funneling system and weekly view helps you track, prioritize, and schedule what matters most to you. Flexible and effective, it’s guaranteed to help you get more done.

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