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ABA Math

ABA Math – Introduction

ABA Math is a program to help autistic kids learn rote arithmetic facts. It is modeled after the Applied Behavioral Analysis methods pioneered by Ivor Lovaas at UCLA. For each math fact (e.g., 1+2=3) the program takes the student through the various stages of descrete trials until the fact is mastered. The program is intended to be used by the student while under the direct supervision of a teacher or therapist.

ABA Math was written by the father of an eight-year-old autistic boy. The boy has been receiving ABA therapy since age three through the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (a Lovaas replication site), and individualized instruction at his local school. Both have been very successful. He has learned to read using the outstanding Edmark Reading Program. However, his teachers, therapists and parents have been unable to locate similar software for learning Math. So they have written it themselves.

ABA Math is being released as an “Open Source” software project under the GNU General Public License. Briefly, this means that anyone can copy and use the program as well as its source code. People who know how to program may modify the source code to change or improve on the program. However, if any such modified programs are redistributed, they must include the modified source code so that others may further improve on the program.

The author of ABA Math hopes to find other programmers who are interested in working on the program (possibly parents or teachers). The Open Source development model allows the talents and efforts of many to benefit the greater autism community.

People who try ABA Math are urged to contact the author with their comments, good or bad. All feedback is important, even that which appears to be minor or insignificant. It is critical to developing a high quality program that can be used to help a lot of kids.


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