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Life360 runs on your mobile device to allow you to view your family members on a map, communicate with them, and receive alerts when your loved ones arrive at home, school or work.

Answer an age-old question: Where are you?

Our research shows that 6 to 8 text messages a day are dedicated to this question. Why not just open the Life360 map and answer it for yourself?

Check in for quick updates

You made it to the soccer game, the poker tournament, or Aunt Millie’s house. Avoid the “Did you arrive okay?” phone call. Check in instead. (Have an emergency? There’s a button for that, too.)

It’s the 21st century: automate

Life360 Places lets you save your favorite locations so that friends and family will get automatic alerts when you come and go. Sure, it’s a lazy way to check in, but it’s effective!

Group your connections

Keep family & friends separate with Circles. We default to the Family Circle, but you’ll want to create more for the other people in your life. Aunts & Uncles, perhaps? Babysitters? Dog walkers? Marathon pace team? There are many scenarios where location sharing comes in handy.

Keep everything in its place

Messaging, location sharing, and check-ins are all Circle specific, so no one will see anything they don’t need to.

You’re the boss

When you create a Circle, you get to decide who is invited and who isn’t. We know how important privacy is.

You’re in control

Location sharing is up to you. Not everyone needs to know where you are at all times. Location sharing is specific to each Circle, and you can turn it off and on whenever you want. But we always let the Circle know – just so others can make sure you’re still safe.

Easily chat with family members

Locations are standard, but what about locations AND messages? You can talk to family members while knowing where they are.

More customization than ever before

As Life360 has evolved, we’ve done everything we can to put you in the driver’s seat. You control the invites, you control when you share your location, you control who goes in what Circle and you decide which Places you’re going to save.

Family matters

While you might invite Uncle Bob or Kathy from the YMCA to join a Circle, at its heart Life360 is about family. Knowing they’re safe is the most important thing. Everything we do is designed to help you manage the chaos that is daily family life. From seeing where everyone is on a map to letting them know you’ll be five minutes late, we’ve designed Life360 to make things a lot easier.

Knowledge is power

We want to spread the knowledge around. At Life360, we believe it’s important for everyone in the family to know what’s going on. We’re not about people sneakily tracking their loved ones, we can’t stop anyone from uninstalling the app, and there’s no way to hide the fact that our app is installed. Call a family meeting, set rules together, and then use our app to give everyone peace of mind. Stay in sync throughout the day.

We’re here for you

You trust us with your whereabouts, and that’s not something we take lightly. Life360 uses top-notch GPS technology, and your maps and chat channels are built with bank-level security. Your locations and conversations will always be private, available only to people you invite.

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